Rivera's Soft Cool-Off

A unique stand that caters to its customers.  The stand has seating and accommodations for its customers while they cool-off with Rivera's soft served ice-cream.  Different flavors and toppings available for its guest.   The stand provides music and entertainment while guests enjoy their Soft Cool-Off.  Rivera's Soft Cool-Off can be reserved for parties, special occasions, events and more...

call for location of the day!



Office hours : Mon-Fri.  9am-6pm

Mini menu

Soft serve ice cream in a variety of flavors and toppings via cone, cup, sundae, shakes and banana boats.  Ask us about our non-dairy and vegan flavors... all ice cream is lactose free!

Kids cone

small cone with the choice of soft serve ice cream flavor


Shakes                                    Vanilla                                                          Chocolate                              non - dairy Strawberry                            non - dairy Pineapple                         and much much more...

Milk shakes 



Sundaes come in different flavors 


Banana boat

3 flavors of soft serve ice cream, whipped cream, syrup & bananas